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Thanks to Everyone at Torrey XIV


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I’m a couple weeks late writing this. I got back home from Torrey, gave notice at work – which led to more hours at work eek.gif - and started packing for the move to Camarillo. We’ve been spending weekend running between Orange County and Camarillo getting the lighter stuff moved in the Toyota truck. The bikes are both here, and the big move is next Friday. This might be the first time I’ve sat down at a computer and wasn’t making some kind of moving arrangements… crazy.gif


Dennis and I both wanted to thank everyone involved with Torrey for being part of a forever memorable time for us. Neither of us could think of a better way to be married – it was relaxed, in a beautiful setting, and we were surrounded by good friends.


We’d also like to recognize the special efforts of Randy Austin and his crew, Christine and Jamie did an awesome job of putting together the Welcome to the Wedding party on Friday night, and it was a big relief to me to know the serious planning and arrangements were being capably handled by the Austins.


I was grateful to have Paul Mihalka present, and willing to give me away. He’s now my honorary Dad, and I consider myself pretty lucky. I’ve got an awful lot of miles ahead of me if I’m going to walk in Dad’s footsteps! Thank you, Paul. clap.gif


It was also an honor to have Leslie and Jamie be the officially documented witnesses for our marriage, even though I had that phone call last week from the county clerk because she couldn't read Jamie's signature. lmao.gif


And thanks to Killer for being the Ambassador of Torrey, he found the minister when I was really starting to sweat over whether we’d find someone officially able to marry Dennis and I! And as Bob said, “Don’t worry, it’s Torrey Time, and things just happen.” The weather was great, the minister made it, and Dennis DIDN’T drop the ring into the pool. grin.gif


One of the big lessons from this Torrey had nothing to do with getting married and big life changes. It had to do with that Saturday ride through Huntington Canyon…


I learned that if I want to avoid any more rides in the snow, don’t go anywhere on a ride led by someone from the Phoenix area. Two snow rides so far, two different guys from Phoenix leading. I’ve learned my lesson, and I’m checking driver’s licenses of anyone leading a ride from here on out. tongue.gif


Although it was an unusual moment when we rode out to Green River on the way back from Saturday’s snow ride. We’re getting gas, and I see Dennis talking to a guy on a bike on the other side of the pumps who’s pulled into the station in the opposite direction. I walked over and looked at the back of his bike, and oddly enough, there was a Sock Monkey perched on the back! The only other person I know with a Sock Monkey is Shovel Stroke Ed, but it’s too far away from Florida for it to be Ed. Except… The bike has Florida plates. And it’s a Honda Blackbird. Of all the “Wow, The World Really Is A Small Place” moments I’ve had in life, that was one of the really big ones.


We can recommend to anyone planning to get hitched – there’s just not likely to be many better places than Torrey for a pair of two-wheel addicts. grin.gif

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Many many congrats to you and Dennis! Sorry Kim and I couldn't be there - but I know we'll be seeing you down the road.


Best of luck on the move - and hope the journey you and Dennis are embarking on together is paved with many many many miles of smiles!



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Thank you for letting us take part,I hope you liked the pictures ?

Send me a pm if you need to be added as a friend on smugmug ?


Relax and get settled in your new place wave.gif


So you didn't like the ride up "Slurpee Mountain" smirk.gif

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A beautiful bride and an adequate groom. It was a wonderful start to another good time at Torrey. Thanks for sharing your special day with us.

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Thanks Laney for letting all of us be a part of it.


And besides, you couldn't have gotten much more free photography of your wedding if you'd had it in the middle of a Japanese tourist gathering. I just wish you'd given us more time to get a picture of "the kiss" tongue.gif


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