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What kind of Breakdowns Should My B-Inlaw Expect?


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It looks like my brother in law is going to buy my beloved '96 RT. The bike is in mint condition with only 28K on it. Well maintained and I haven't had any major failures with the bike at all.


He's buying a Beemer that's 11 years old. As he rides it into the sunset what kind of things should he prepare himself for that might fail along the way? Never mind the final drive.....

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Except for #1, he shouldn't EXPECT breakdowns unless he ignores 2-5.

1. HES sensor. easy fix though.

2. Replace rubber items (vent hoses, etc)

3. Sore butt if he has the stock seat grin.gif

4. Replacement of cables eventually (clutch and throttle)

5. 36K service which he should learn to do himself.


Was the bike parked inside or out? That can matter too.

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