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Newbie R1150R looking for recommendations


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I recently purchased an 2002 R1150R and I was hoping to get some recommendations for some add-ons. I tried the search functions but I didn't have much luck. I was hoping to add crash bars, hand guards, and a top case. The bike came with the BMW hard bags.


I appreciate the input.

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As mentioned, you need to go here: http://r1150r.net/


I have the Wunderlich crash bars with PIAA x1100 lights mounted on them. Much better riding at night and makes you really stand out during the day. I have the 36 liter GIVI top case with the 1150R mount. It's OK except the mount moves the case pretty close to the rider making it pretty narrow for a passenger. PM me if you want some more info or pictures. I think you'll find more information on the 1150R forum.

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I installed my hand guards yesterday for the fall season. Some folks have installed them without modification. I had to break out the dremel tool to make sure they did not interfere with the controls.


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