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R12RT BMW tankbag map case tear


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My clear plastic mapcase on my R12RT "expensive" tankbag has a small tear in it. I put some clear tape over it but was wondering if there is a more permanent solution. Any thoughts?

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Having been in the adhesives bus for many years, I'll offer some thoughts. If BMW won't warranty it, two things come to mind. Assuming the cover is vinyl (PVC), you could try either a vinyl repair kit that would include a cement and a patch that would go over the tear. find those at a camping store? Ideally might be a light-curing acrylic adhesive especially one that is offers good flexibility. I know that Loctite "LiteTak" products can even cure under strong sunlight. But Loctite 3100 series would be stronger if you have access to a cure lamp...some Loctite distributors stock demo units.


Not sure anything else would work, RTV silicone dont' have the strength to hold up and instant adhesive would bond but don't have the peel resistance needed nor do they have the gap fillign ability if you cannot overlap the areas to be bonded.

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