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Moto GP this Sunday from down under!


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Even though the Championship has already been won .......... there's still a couple races to go and I'm looking forward to watching them as always.


To all those lucky folks from this DB that will be able to attend this one ............. Have a great time. I wish I was there with ya. thumbsup.gif

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Phillip Island always makes for some fantastic racing, and so many of the riders love that track.


I really hope the stupid tire thing isn't an issue this time so we can see some classic Phillip Island racing.

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Well ,

it's just after 3:00 Pm Friday afternoon and I am losing interest in the report I am writing , so I have put that away until next week.


Bag is packed for the weekend , just confirmed with driver that he will pick me up at 9:00AM tomorrow morning for trip to SYD then Qantas to MEL.


Not sure what the weather will be like at the Island,

it's freezing here at the moment 20 degrees C and drizzling rain.{ Mind you we are a thousand kilometres away}


Hoping for a dry ,fast and safe race.


Would like to see West and Vermuleun place well.


{Casey, Ant and Chris 1,2,3 = happy}

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So what else is new...Stoner's at the top of the practice sheets today. smirk.gif


I am still hoping for an interesting race, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Just checked the Qualifying order.

Pedrosa, Rossi, Stoner, Hayden.

Hopkins was over 2 seconds off, what's up with that?

It ought to be a good one.



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" Warm-up went to plan until it came to the practice starts after the flag went out. Dani Pedrosa hit the launch

control button, dumped the clutch and promptly looped his Honda. Dani wasn't hurt but John Hopkins, lined up

behind Dani to do his own start, looked as if he might have sprung a rib laughing." lmao.giflmao.giflmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif


Warm Up Times

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Just a reminder guys....




Please start a new thread with "SPOILER" in the title.


I've probably had a third of the races this year (in various classes) spoiled for me because someone posted race results without letting everyone know it was a spoiler. The next one who does it will be forced to do a track day at Willow Springs in August while wearing non-vented leathers and riding a 50cc scooter with flat tires. eek.gif



Dani wasn't hurt but John Hopkins, lined up

behind Dani to do his own start, looked as if he might have sprung a rib laughing."




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MotoGP.com has the crash in their video section (and you've got about 40 more mintues to go watch it before the GP race starts and you risk a spoiler.


That was some funny stuff. thumbsup.gif

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