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ID this bike part 2 - seat cowl wanted


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Got a lot of parts to put it back together,however this piece is not avalible thru the shops we've called.

87 R80 seat cowl


So,any ideas? Everyone was so good at helping me ID this bike maybe someone's got a lead on this!


Thanks for all the help thumbsup.gif





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Try e-mailing Motobins in the UK. They have a huge stock of used parts.

Another UK source worth a try would be James Sherlock


Both these suppliers are reliable and ship overseas - no affiliation to either other than as a customer.



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Mr Duck...


Steve Hebert is pretty connected with the airhead crowd. Send him a PM and see if he has any suggestions.



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Have you tried Re-Psycle BMW Parts? They are located just outside of Coulmbus, OH and carry a lot of older parts. Ignore their websites shopping pages and call them directly, they never seem to update the website.



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You can buy it in azurblue part # 5253 1455 958 (Tail part upper)$484.89 from Max BMW. That was the only color that listed a BUY in the column and the price.


Hope that helps.

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There's a very nice old-fashioned mom-and-pop-style motorcycle shop near here that has airhead parts inventory because they used to be a BMW dealer. It's called Ned's, and it probably has no website. Contact info for Ned's and other independent shops is here.

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