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More R1200RT Issues


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Went for a ride today, the screen showed 90 miles to empty. Went about 30 miles and stopped for lunch, when I started back up I got a low fuel yellow warning indicator and a bulb out red warning indicator. Strange thing is the miles to empty began to click down from 52 rather quickly and was at 0 in a few minutes. I ran about 10 miles and filled up, however when I started it up I had nothing on the computer display period, blank screen, everything seemed OK so I headed for the barn, I soon realized I had no Tach, Speedo, turn signals, horn nothing electrical was working and the worse part is no power assisted brakes. This I found out as I came to my first red light, it was a scary moment when I braked normally and not much happened. The rear brake was totally useless and to stop I darn near had to put enough pressure on the front brake lever to I was actually worried about braking it off. Once I was aware of what it took to stop and not knowing if I had brake lights I became super extra cautious on the trip home which was uneventful thank goodness.


Quick call to my local BMW dealer for an appointment, I though as soon as I described the problems they would know exactly what it was, but nope they are scratching their heads saying it is a first for them. Guess I will trailer it for the 95 mile ride over there, no sense in pressing my luck.


I love this motorcycle however, I got to say for the money you spend I am getting a bit upset with issues, I am on my second final drive in 3000 miles and now this. I hate the thought of ever giving up my Beemer but if this keeps up I may be looking at Honda. I have been riding for the better part of 45 years now and have owned many motorcycles, sure stuff brakes down it is a machine but I don't ever remember having this many problems with any motorcycle I have ever owned. Sorry just upset now that great riding weather is here I needed to rant.

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I think your "bulb out red warning indicator" is the alternator not charging light. I had to have my alternator (and pulley and belt) replaced under warranty.

The shutdown should not have been sudden. On my bike there was a "graceful" shutdown of radio, turn signals and brakes in that order (I had already turned off the dipped beams and was running on the parking light)

I had the bike trailered to the dealer as well. You are only the only other failure of this kind that I have heard of on a hexhead.

Let us know how you get on.


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