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Options Advice For a New R1200RT


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I'm thinking of ordering an '08 RT.

Thinking of "going all the way" with the "options", minus, the tall shield, low seat, ASC, and Radio.

Would appreciate thoughts, positive and negative, regarding your options experience.

Something you wished you had on your bike?

Something you regret it has, causing more problems than it's worth?

Would like to add TPM also, but have heard some negatives on this.

Any and all thoughts are welcome on your options for the RT.

Let it rip!


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Sounds like you are already on the right track.


The radio is crap. You should be listening for Fire Trucks anyhow.


The ASC is a neat toy but expensive and I like tweeking my own ride.


The heated stuff rocks.


Extra power outlet for sure.


GPS?? Many opinions. Get the one from BMW or do your own? Can't tell ya that one. But at least get SOMETHING!


BMW engine protectors suck. Get Touratech.


The 49L top-case is real nice, real expensive, and I really didn't get one. I prefer strappin' stuff on.


BMW tank-bag? I went ahead and got one. The jury is still out.


Stainless vs. chrome exhaust? Match to your eyes, blue or brown. You pick.


Trip computer? Should do more but I still like it.


TPM? Give me a break. Buy a REAL pressure gauge and put it in the tank-bag the salesman is gonna' talk you into.


What else is there?


FYI: The seat sucks no matter which one you get. Budget for a replacement. (Germans got butts like a curved 6" piece of 2X6 with a groove cut down the center)

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I have an '06 and went with: heated seats (heated grips are standard here); cruise; ESA; onboard computer/oil level sensor; clear turn signal lenses; and, additional accessory outlet (left rear). I also got the following accessories from the dealer; additional "real" key; BMW tank bag; and 49L topcase. I like both the tankbag and topcase.


Can't comment on TPM as it was not available in '06. Ditto for ASC, which I assume is available for the RT.


Would not do without cruise, or heated grips/seats. I find the onboard computer useful. Some love ESA, others will tell you it's not worth the money. I think that depends on how "sophisticated" a rider you are. The ones who pooh-pooh ESA would (I think) consider themselves to be more sophisticated riders.

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Cruise control. Don't forget the cruise!


Not mentioned, but personal opinion I'd put the factory alarm on the skip it list.

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We highly recommend the TPM feature.


It is so sweet to be able to check tire pressures on the fly.


After having had three nail puctures, I am admittedly sensitive to suspected tire pressure loss.


Whether it is from crossing a sandy spot, an unusual rain groove pattern on the road, or just a slight road related wiggle... there is an immediate confirmation available at the touch of a button as to the current tire pressure.


This is especially nice if you are between widely spaced exits and in the car pool lane on the freeway here in L.A.

With the TPM there is no need to get off the freeway to check tire pressures.


And I check the pressures EVERY DAY as I start riding. That way if there is any ongoing tire pressure pattern, it is noticed immediately.


TPM for us thumbsup.gif



Bob & Dianne

'07 R1200RT

Our 5th BMW Bike

Five months old,

10,000 miles

Love this bike

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I love my TPM,,Some times when Im riding,the bike feels funny,,Is it the road or a flat tire ???,I check TPM,,,You can ride a long way at high speeds on a low pro tire and not even no you have a tire going flat,,,The seat was the first thing to go,,Got a Sargent seat,,Love it,,Get a Zumo 550,then you have GPS and XM,,You well love the bike,,, thumbsup.gif

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I purposely ordered my 06 without the radio, radio prep and ESA. Tire pressure wasn't available, would have looked at the cost, there are cheap aftermarkets for that. I knew I would go aftermarket shocks eventually. I need them now but am extremely limited in riding time now so it will wait until next year... I would definitely still skip the ESA and the radio, that's just me.

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What I like about the TPM is that it is a constant reminder that your tires lose air pretty quickly. I used to check my pressure pretty frequently, but not frequently enough. The TPM keeps me on top of it! ESA is cool, but I could have gone without and just upgraded to Ohlins right away. The problem is unless you special order your bike a lot of the options go hand in hand. It may be hard to eliminate some and keep others.


You will definitely want to change the seat, it's my only real complaint on the bike.

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I just bought a used 05 loaded


Esa, Trip,Cruise, Heated seat, Radio, BMW CB (J&M), Top Case, Z-technic, and Motorad GPS. Added tank bag, Sahara Pegs etcé thumbsup.gif


Get it all !!

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The only option I feel absolutely fanatic about is the cruise control. It does more than anything else to relieve fatigue.


For me, no radio, ever. I like the ESA and heated grips. Where I live, the heated seat is not really necessary. I bought aftermarket handlebar risers and footpeg lowering kits, but whether those are desireable depends on what size and shape you are.

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My 07 came with heated seats & grips, cruise, computer, and aux socket. If I had to do it over, I would also get TPM. Don't miss any of the other stuff.


The clear turn signal lens are cool, though.


Agree with the comments about cruise control. It's wonderful.

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Get it loaded!


I'm not sure if ASC is sensitive enough to make any difference espeically at low speeds. But it's bundled with the other good stuff.


TPM - great!... like it better than a pressure gauge because it automatically corrects for air temperature, so your not chasing your tail or guessing at the pressure. I still use a gauge to add air. I can't use a gauge to warn me that a tire is slowly going down... giving me early warning of a problem.


ESA - really cool fature.


Heated stuff - should be a standard option. Priceless. The only improvement could be a wider range of adjustment instead of 2 positions. I could use 3 or 4 settings.


Computer... bundled with the other stuff. Nice to have.


Crusie Control - should be standard.

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i like the bmw tank bag because of the quick detach mounting system, beats straps any day. expensive but worth it to be able to remove/replace the bag in a matter of seconds.

toruatech or wunderlich crash bars are a must for a boxer


i didnt like the elf pegs. maybe my legs were too shoret but i found them unstable.

p.s. my daughter chose the gremlins...


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My TPM paid for itself last weekend. 45 minutes from the house, just starting into a two hour stretch of nothingness. About 15 minutes in, rear pressure dropped 2 psi, another psi 10 minutes later. U-turned and was back in civilization before the tire was unridable. I had checked pressure on departure and all was OK. Without TPM, I would have been in the middle of no-where before the pressure loss was noticeable. Yeah, I "might coulda" have fixed the flat out there, etc. but frankly I'd rather not. By the way, if you do get TPM, note that the cans of slime caution against using it with TPM systems, probably will gunk up the sensor.

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I'm thinking of getting the TPM, as long as it doesn't get lumped in with ASC. Not positive if it can be had as a stand alone option, but I think so.

However, one dealer told me it adds complications to tire changing. Meaning that, whoever does the work has to be extra-careful not to screw up the sensor in the wheel.

So I wasn't sure if that was causing a lot of headaches out there. But no one has mentioned that to be the case, so I guess not.

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However, one dealer told me it adds complications to tire changing. Meaning that, whoever does the work has to be extra-careful not to screw up the sensor in the wheel.

So I wasn't sure if that was causing a lot of headaches out there. But no one has mentioned that to be the case, so I guess not.

I needed to replace my tire on my TPM-equipped RT last January. Done at the dealers - no issue, no higher charge than normal.

As for indispensible options, cruise, heated grips/saddle, and TPM are my choices. OBC is nice but not essential.

Also, there is a nationwide promotion for free Zumo or BMW riding school that you should be aware of.

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- EXTENDED WARRANTY (if you're going to keep it more than 36k)

- Heated grips.

- Heated seat (so the electrics are there for the aftermarket seat you'll install).

- Cruise.

- Computer.

- Extra power outlet.

- Factory RadioCD on my used 12RT has spoiled me so I like it and would order another even at its ridiculous BMW price.

- BMW engine protectors look great and work well.

- Barbacks.

- Small or large BMW topcase.

- Peg lowering kit.



- ESA is a goofy gimmick to cover up for crappy OEM shocks. Save that cost for Ohlins.

- ASC is a gimmick that I can't see actually having any use in street riding.



- Chrome exhaust is pretty.

- TPM might actually be useful if it works.

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Just one opinion......


Wouldn't buy without:

- Cruise Control

- Heated Grips and Seat

- Trip Computer




- Bar Down/Forwards (wish somebody made them)



- CalSci screen

- Ohlins


Wouldn't accept with:

- Radio (lose the glovebox)




- rear case if you need the storage or want backrest for passenger

- OE tank bag if you want a tankbag

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Aftermarket Goodies: Sheepskin buttpads from Alaska leather are great, even in inclement weather. Installed a Hepco & Becker Journey TC50 Topcase from Eurotech (one-step ordering complete with all mounting hardware; backrest separate). Gerbings for sure! thumbsup.gif I agree heartily that the Cruise Control option is the ultimate!

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Can you think of another motorcycle manufacturer that has a menu of options like you have for a BMW? Most of the options are quite reasonably priced.


Cruise control is a must. I wouldn't own a touring motorcycle without cruise control -- the R1200RT cruise control is the best.


You should get your dealer to disclose to you what "option package" deals BMW makes available to them. Dealers who order a bike with an "option package" receive a considerable saving which, hopefully, they are willing to pass on to you.


The BMW TPM is great! Aside from just monitoring tire pressure, the TPM will switch on the warning indicators if a tire starts to loose air. I would not have ordered it, but the bike came with it. Now I'm a true believer.


I absolutely love the BMW tank bag. Again, it's totally integrated into the design of the bike. When you stop for gas, removing it and remounting it takes about two seconds.


I installed an aftermarket V-Stream windshield -- I'm rather tall. It's not expensive. Keep the original windshield. It only take a few minutes to switch windshields.


As far as the radio goes -- it's expensive, but well integrated in the bike. There is a post somewhere on the internet that shows how an owner integrated an iPod into the BMW radio using BMW automobile parts. The iPod shows up on the bike's display as a CD changer! With this setup, you can control the iPod using the regular radio controls.


The security option is the only option that seems superfluous. The regular key has a chip in it. My wife has an '05 R1200RT with this option and has yet to use it.

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Heated grips and seat a must have if you ride when it gets below 40. Cruise definitely a must have, ESA don't waste your money I have it because it came with the bike but truthfully can't notice any difference when switching from 1 setting to another, use the money for a good GPS. On board computer great, low oil warning light useless gives false readings. Tank bag great accessory, I us it frequently when commuting to work and leave my side cases home, sportier feel and look and less element wear on side cases.

Whatever you do enjoy it!

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