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Parking lights?


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The tiny bulb that lights under the headlight when the key is one position to the left of the steering lock position, is for what? I must have missed that in the manual. I saw this faint light after coming out from a meal, and was not sure if it was sunlight or what. Just having checked now that it is dark out, I see that both front and back lights are on....just curious what the purpose of using the lights are in that position?



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Not used to much in North America, but in other areas of the world it is more common to park a bike in places such as in a walking area with the lamps on.

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It's a 5W bulb that I replaced with a 3W since it doesn't matter much anyway.


IMHO it's useful for two purposes:


1. Keeping water out of the nose fairing. If you didn't have the bulb there, there would be a hole.


2. When you add an aftermarket accessory that requires a relay, you can tap into the parking lamp wire, and the relay will be activated only when the key is turned.

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Say you ran out of gas or had another problem and you were stranded on the side of a narrow dark road, would you feel more comfortable with the parking lights on when you went to get help, or having your motorcycle sitting there in the dark.

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