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NEW Speedo Problem


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I read posts last week about speedometer problems and fixes, took the front wheel off yesterday and checked the cable and gears which all appeared OK. Today I again experienced wild behavior of my speedo when accelerating to pass with my speed going to 80mph or more. All of a sudden the unit will jump up to 110 or 120 or even 140 and move rapidly up and down, but never less than the speed I am traveling. The cable looks good and is not broken. After a while all will return to normal until the next passing acceleration. Help, is my unit going bad or what? I thought it was mechanical in operation, but it acts like it is electrical.


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If your sure the cable is rotating consistently and not catching and winding up in the sheath, to then suddenly release and send the speedo up, then about the only think left is the speedometer itself.


But history says it's usually the cable.

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I've been told that a bouncy speedo is the result of a failing speedo cable. A small fray in the cable will catch on the housing and cause the needle to dance.... Pull it out and inspect/grease/replace the thing. Hope that helps.

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