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Light Bracket under Oil Cooler


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I'm looking at mounting a pair of Code 3 LED lights just under the oil cooler to use as daytime running lights and wish to fabricate a suitable bracket to mount them. I know that PIAA do such as bracket as part of a kit but cannor obtain one on it's own. I wondered if anyone could email me or post online some pictures of the bracket installed, as many of you have this type of installation. This would be very helpful for me to build my own bracket.


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Just curious- which Code3's are you looking at, and how are you going to wire them? I have toyed with the idea of using Whelen TIR3 or LIN3 to the rear as aux brake/turn signals. Don't want to hijack your thread- PM me if you want.

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I bought a single EVS Radiant LED from EVS It comes with 4 wires - red for live, black for earth, yellow to select flash mode and white to synch with other led's. It has 19 flash patterns selectable by touching the yellow wire to a 12v live supply, i.e. via a momentary touch switch.


I only have one installed above the front fender at present but intend to mount two below the oil cooler, hence this email. For legal reasons I can only use the "steady burn" mode as the flash patterns are all illegal here in the UK.


The unit is basically wired like any other light with a switch for on/off and an inline fuse.


Hope this helps. I hope to post full details on my new web site at www.r1150rt.org over the coming months.



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