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How to shorten the choke cable?


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I need to shorten my choke cable on the 2000 RT, has anyone here tried this? I have used up all the adjustment and it will not pull on completely for cold start up. I replaced all the throttle cables within the past 5,000 mile and don't really want to take it all apart again for the choke cable replacement.


It looks like I should be able to cut off the ferule at the choke lever, drill a hole through it and solder in the cable after I shorten it. Is there a reason that this will not work? What is the best solder to use for this application? I can forsee the possibility of solder not wanting to hold to the 'greasy' cable end, your thoughts?

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The problem almost certainly that you've got too much slack in the short throttle cables that go to the TB's.


Remove that slack, verify/redo your throttle sync, and all should be well.

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+1 to what Russell says.


You are adjusting the wrong cable. The two short cables that go to the TB's should have virtually 0 slack in them when the choke cable is NOT engaged. That allows the choke cable to pull on them and open the butterfly valves. If you leave slack in the short TB cables all the choke cable motion does is remove the slack.



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