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no garage-winter storage ideas?


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A guy pulled up next to me today, started talking BMW, and mentioned he had built a wood box lined with thick, sealed, hardboard insulation with the reflective surface, and then ran a 100 watt bulb 24/7 to keep out condensation. Said he never had a problem, and this is without a garage, in Pa.


I don't recall the model, but I believe it was a pre 75 BMW, 50 hp seems to ring a bell. Has 44k on it, and it starts second kick....every time.


I also have no garage, and built a small storage area from 2x4 and pipe, covered with a HD tarp. Just big enough to back the bike into it. I intended to center stand the bike, cover it with a half cover, then enclose the entire structure so no snow gets in.


I just wondered what was the best way to store this, other than rent a space in someone elses garage. I've not owned a bike that was not in some storage area before.


I do have a large enough shed to put it in, my concern is, that is more than 1' off the ground, and I am not too crazy about trying to get an 1100 into that, and worry about it going over on the way in or out. I use ramps to keep the snow blower in there, but I don't have the strength to wrestle something this heavy. I would also have an incline once it was on the ground, the wrong direction, trying to get it back out.


With a battery trickle charger connected, gas tank filled, some Sta-bil, wood under the tires, any need to do anything else for storage?


If I use a non-BMW charger, can I get an adapter to use another charger, plugged into the BMW outlet on the fairing?


Appreicate any ideas from someone that has their bike stored outside. Thanks!

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John Ranalletta

Keep it dry and full of clean fluids. Battery tender is good. My bikes, including an RT and a couple of GS' did fine in my unheated garage for many winters. The bike won't deteriote over the few winter months unless condensation forms on it, so you'll want the storage space to be well vented, which means heated or same as outside temp.

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Get a "golden Rod" safe heater from your local gun store. It will product a little heat to keep out condensation. Same idea as the 100watt light bulb except that it won't keep the motorcycle up nights. Also check the bike to make sure nothing has crawled in from the cold and started nesting in the wiring.

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