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Tickover on 1200RT


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Hi all

I just completed 12K service and synched the simple way with the Twinmax. As usual, I found that although my tickover is steady, it is not balanced and I believe there is no way of adjusting it. Is that true? Also, if I took it to a dealer, would they be able to do anything to balance the tickover or is it electronically controlled? On the 1150s' the brass screws took care of balancing tickover.For anyone familar witha Twinmax, it reads +2 on right side at tickover, even though it is spot on and smack on zero once it goes 'on the cables'. Does it matter that tickover is 'off' in this way? Bike is running really sweetly despite the above and as I said, tickover is steady, even if the Twinmax tells me it is not balanced! And yes I did the valve clearances perfectly!

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That's somewhat normal. It it idles well and is matched off idle - forgeddaboutit.. it's not worth worrying about. The bypass air passage (that sets the balance at idle - on the hexheads using stepper motors) is basically a non-issue once some throttle is applied.


Next time it visits the dealer - you could ask for them to set it (I think they can tweak it slightly - but can't swear to it..) I believe I heard (here, where? dunno..) that there is purposely a slight offset at idle for some reason or another.

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You are correct. The servo stepper motors are controlling the air bypass ports which is effecting tickover/idle sync. There is a whole lot of pro/con discussions going on as to whether or not to disconnect them when doing an sync.

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