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Pilotroads -V- Pilotroads 2


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I phoned Michelin to get the scoop on these new tires as I wondered if they were a replacement tire to the Pilot Roads. They are not a replacement tire. The Pilot Road 2's are a stickier tire than the Pilot Roads.



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See the review in this months CycleWorld. I just ordered a front for mine. The extra stickiness seems worth the extra cost. Hope they last.

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You may want to review this discussion. There's no doubt they're stickier. The question would be, do we need the extra grip and will they wear as well as the original Pilot Roads. My guess is no on both counts. Therefore the extra cost is just that. Extra.


Understand, I work for a dealership. We'll sell you whatever you want. But if logic indicates you don't need something, we're not going to recommend it.


Be sure to click on the attachment that shows the split between the harder and softer rubber. It looks like you're going to be riding on the softer rubber, at least partly, even when you're going in a straight line. That can't be good for mileage.

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