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Aux Fuel Cell


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I would like to put a aux fuel cell on my 1200rt but I do not know any manufactuers' of them. Is this a custom made item? I looked in Jegs and that is the best place I could find any.

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Contact Bill McAvan at BLM Accessories:




Bill built the fuel cell I have for my R1200RT. He's also done setups for the likes of Jim Owen and Bill Wade.


BLM's aux fuel cell bolts securely to the rear passenger seat pan, and comes with all the plumbing needed to connect the cell into the bike's fuel system. I got mine a couple weeks ago, but have not yet installed it on the bike ... I didn't want to introduce changes on the bike before I ran in The Void next weekend. Once I get back from Lynchburg, I'll get the plumbing connected and pictures taken.

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