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List of places to eat, by State?


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Don't know about a list of places on this forum, but Roadfood.com would be a great place to get some of the info you want.

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I don't take someone's word about good food any more than I take a person's word about movies. Unless I know the person really well, a recommendation is useless to me. If several vouch for it, then maybe.

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Gottabmw qualifies as a culinary coward. There are so many tasters out there reporting nifty places to eat that disreguarding all out of hand is unfair.

Like my wife says..."It's only one meal out of your life"

I've been pleasantly pleased more times than not from a complete stranges recomendation. Asked more than one LEO where the best local place is. Asked many a motel clerk where to eat.

Ya'll must be a Denney's or nothing type.

Feel the salivary force, gotta. Let your tongue do the deciding. wave.gif

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For those who like micro breweries and pub's check out this site: PubCrawler.com


Recently tested a couple places recommended on this site and found some excellent beer in Laramie, WY and a good dinner and so-so beer in Cheyenne, WY.


Another thot for those with GPS would be to download some of the free POI collections here: GPS Passion.com


For example there are over 8600 Starbucks, 1000 Panera Bread, 155 Jasons Deli locations and many many other options (Tim Hortons, Hooters, Ruby TUesday, Krispy Kreme, Quiznos, etc. etc).


Hope this helps! thumbsup.gif


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that's the thread I was looking for. Just wanted to saw thanks to roydog007, tried 2 of his suggestions and they were great. thumbsup.gif

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Gottabmw qualifies as a culinary coward. ..... Ya'll must be a Denney's or nothing type.


Nope, not a coward at all. Most of my road trips are camping. I don't take food to prepare at the camp site but stop wherever my nose leaves me. I'm at quite the mercy of chance this way and that's how I like it. I'm not guaranteed a "good" meal but more often than not I'm quite satisfied.


I do have some favorite fast food places for that quickie. Some I won't stop at. One of the great pleasures of eating on the road is breakfast. Nothing like a hearty breakfast to start a long day on the road. I crawl out of my sleeping bag, do the bathroom and washroom rituals (as best I can in a campground or along a river or lake), get dressed and head for the nearest town and search for a place to eat; preferably a mom and pop restaurant where the food is served and prepared in a loving way, because if they don't, they'll go out of business. I've had few bad breakfasts and several excellent ones.


Denney's? Not a chance! Not if I can help it. I couldn't help it once and had to suffer through one of the worst breakfasts I've ever eaten. Now just how many people reading this might say "What?" what's wrong with Denney's? As mark Twain said:


“Foreigners cannot enjoy our food, I suppose, any more than we can enjoy theirs. It is not strange; for tastes are made, not born. I might glorify my bill of fare until I was tired; but after all, the Scotchman would shake his head and say, 'Where's your haggis?' and the Fijan would sigh and say, 'Where's your missionary?'”


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Be sure to check out Leslie's list...


When I found her list, I found that most of the places I would have recommended were already on the list.


We Highly Recommend It!!! thumbsup.gif


WE do have a Road Food Thread. I'll sticky it up in Ride Planning.


Here it is.


PS, This is the Best BMW site ever clap.gif


Bob & Dianne

Los Angeles



Love them both smile.gif

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