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Oh how I love my RT!


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Well this was probably the nicest weekend here on Long Island to ride and it made me fall in love with the RT all over again. I bought an 08 Kawasaki KLR650 and was riding that for a while and let the RT rest a little. If anyone is thinking of a great inexpensive and extremely fun bike to add to their stable the 08 KLR650 is the way to go but for this weekend the BMW came out. Man I am telling you it made me fall in love with the bike all over again. It just does everything I want it to better than I ever thought it would. The RT may have it's quirks but any of us who are lucky enough to have one in his or her garage is a lucky camper. clap.gif

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I know the feeling and agree completely! The RT is the only bike I have, but it does so many things well, that for me riding it has so far suppressed any transient temptations to get something else. The only thing I miss is going off road, and I may have to address that need at some point...


Thanks for the positive, upbeat post. thumbsup.gif This forum needs more like it.



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I heartily agree. I just finished the El Paseo here in North Carolina and just had the greatest time riding my 06 1200 RT through the Cherohala Skyway, Blue Ridge Parkway and many, many long and curving roads. It is a sheer pleasure to let this bike intuitively lean for you and prepare for the curves as if it had some kind of intelligence other then the one (dubious at best) resting on top of it.

I also purchased the 08 Kawasaki Versys and absolutely love the similar ergos of the RT and it is just a grin producer and at 650 cc's is a great little bike, but getting back on my RT and riding 600 miles all told over the long weekend reminded me of why I purchased this bike.


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I bought my RT in L.A. and rode 1040 miles straight through to Portland, Or. 18 hours. I'm not saying I wasn't saddle sore but it was a good 12 hours before I started to feel it. I love this bike.

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The RT...P is a lovely machine and a pleasure to ride. Does it all so well.

The sick side of me is in the throws of getting my old sidecar rig operational. Gawd I feel like a turd. But the Griffith Park sidecar rally is coming up in a few weeks and the rig has been dead for a few years. It's only fair.

Besides it's like the Kawi 650, it makes the RT so much more superior when you jump back on it... lmao.gif

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Like you, I seem to have shoulder bruises from patting myself on the back so often after buying my RT!


BTW, is the bike in your avitar a Cow-asaki? lmao.gif



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