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Touratech - Kahedo seats


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I was wondering whether there was someone who could give me some feedback on the long distance comfort of the Touratech Kahedo seats (rider and passenger) for the 1200 RT.


I have just completed my first "longish" distance trip of just over 1500 km (last weekend), and found that the trip was spoiled by the discomfort experienced by myself and passenger due to very sore "tailbones".


I can get hold of the "more comfortable" Touratech Kahedo seats here in South Africa, but at quite a cost. So before I spend the cash, I would like to hear from someone with experience of Touratech's ...High End Comfort high Kahedo seats...



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I've had them (rider & pillion) for a little more then 9 months.


They have proved extremely comfortable both for short & long days in the saddle. I recommend them.


I think they cost around $800 (U.S. dollars); that's for two seats wired for factory heat & without a trade-in.


Hope that helps; they're great seats! thumbsup.gif

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Do these seats add much to the seat height?

Are they taller than the stock seat?


There ae 3 options for rider seat (both in the heated/non-heated version) : low seat (OEM standard), normal (OEM standard), and tall (OEM normal + 3 cm). In all versions the passenger seat stays the same.

They are ok, and they look good, for the passenger is a drastical improvement (no more sliding and no more back hurt) but for me the rider's seat is not excellent. The material doesn't breathe very well and it can be uncomfortable in summer temperatures, and at the beginning the seat is a bit hard (it will get softer in time). The extra 3 cm are a significant improvement in ergonomics for me, also in combination with the Wunderlich Marathon screen. (I am 1.86 m tall). Now my knees are not scratching the tank anymore, and the legs are more relaxed and protected during long rides. Also the passenger's wind protection has increased, because of my slightly more elevated riding position (my body protects her better).

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I'm a little confused about seat options (low, normal and tall). Does the seat allow you to set it in either of the two slots (low/high) on the frame. What is difference between Low (OEM standard) and normal (OEM standard)?

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Thanks to all for the responses. Glad to hear there are guys out there with positive experiences with these seats. Being from the other side of the big pond - at the southern most tip of the big island, the import prices are somewhat higher. The seats go for just over US$ 1000 (not heated, and no trade-in) for both rider & pillion. But then, the price of my new 12RT was just shy of US$ 20 000. I will buy the seats - ride - and see if the "tailbone" still gets sore.

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