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Rough Idle when Engine is cold.


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I have a '02-K1200RS, 48k miles, that has a Rough Idle when the Engine is cold. The Idle will surge and the engine will die. The servo winds and winds, so I had to disconnect the idle servo till I find the problem. Any ideas what is wrong?

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One consideration is gas formulation. Sometime around right now the EPA requires change over to higher vapor pressure winter fuel. You'll notice cuz the selloff prices drop then soar with the new material coming from the wholesalers.


So if you get the winter gas during an Indian summer you can have issues from that.


Sounds as though you have something else going on too, though.

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May not be the answer but some time ago BMW replaced (under warranty) the ECU's on bikes that had cold start issues.


IGM (I got mine) for my wife's 03GT.

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I would look for a vacuum leak. The hoses that go to the FI bodies are known to crack or come off their ports. Also a possibility of the Charcoal cannister being blocked. A slim chance that one of the boots that go between the throttle bodies and the head may be cracked.



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