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Hey All,


I'm looking for a case for my laptop to carry on the bike. I have a large case that I use when I travel for business, but it's just a little big for the bike with all the compartments ect. I'm looking for a simple case that pretty much just holds the laptop and is smaller (read thinner). Something with a little padding might be nice. Seems like I read a thread a while back on this subject, but I can't seem to find it, not even sure if it was on this forum or not.





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Here's what I use for my daily commute:


I put my 15" MacBook Pro in this padded sleeve, which is then carried in this MotoFizz seat bag.


I am very happy with this setup. I feel the laptop well-protected in the Incase sleeve, and I love the MotoFizz bag so much that it has replaced my tank bag. I have the small-size MotoFizz and the laptop fits flat tightly inside.

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After a bit of trial and error with my 13" macbook, my daily commute case is now a waterfield cozmo in small. With the sleeve for the mac, and other essentials in the case, the whole thing fits (snugly) vertically in my system cases with city lids. With the standard size lids and an otherwise empty case, it lays flat. It's a nice bag (better be for the price).

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Another idea...


Luggage locker makes an excellent tankbag settup that includes a laptop case. Its mroe expensive, but is very functional.


Luggage Locker Laptop Bag


It is hard to see in their pics, but its the perfect size for a smaller laptop (i.e. not the massive widescreen high-end dells or apples)


Check out their tank bag system which mounts to the tank ring so it does not contact the tank. I am using this system now on my SV1000S and have been told by the owner that it will work on the RT's and ST's as well.



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