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The Wizardry of Trials


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Peter..if you're ever down in our neck of the woods, there's a trials training place down here as well. www.motoventures.com


It's too bad the video cut out when it did. Next up was Fernando on his FJR. grin.gif

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That indoor European trials series was on televised here in the US a few years ago on ESPN or SV or Outdoors, can't remember which, but it was fascinating to watch.

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Joe Frickin' Friday

When I was in grad school a couple of my colleagues were heavily into trials riding. A few times each summer I helped them put together a series of courses out in the woods for club competitions.


A couple of times I got to ride one of their bikes. I was pretty good at trials-style riding on a mountain bike, but I couldn't do jack with the motorcycle. Still, they were impressively light, and with probably a two full gears below what one would normally consider to be first gear, you felt like you could climb a tree with it.


Some pics of my buddies in action at an event we set up on the grounds of Aztalan raceway just east of Madison (WI):











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Great stuff there. I have a Sherco 2.9 and it is the hardest thing to ride well. The bike can do anything the rider can ask it to do. I guess I don't ask the bike the right way. Fun and very humbling.

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About 30 years ago a riding buddy and I headed down to Pueblo, CO to watch a trials event. My buddy kept talking about maybe entering in the "rookie" class just to see how well he could do. When we arrived we parked our bikes and headed to the concession stand for a hot dog and a beverage. Just behind the dogs n suds stand was a big old oak tree. On one of large lower limbs of the tree sat a young man atop his Bultaco trials bike. My buddy decided it was a good day to be a spectator.

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