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Wiring Diagram


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Does BMW publish wiring diagrams for their latest bikes? They certainly did when I had a 2001 R1150GS. I'm looking for a diagram for my 2007 R1200ST. The factory maintenance DVD doesn't contain one. I found what looks like a factory diagram in pdf format for the R1200GS on the r1200gs.info site and wondered if similar diagrams are available for other bikes.

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BMW puts out electrical circuit diagrams on CD which cover all models. The one I purchased a year ago was P/N 06 73 7 703 031 and was for model years 1993-2006. Check with a dealer for one covering current model year (don't recall the cost).

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Thanks for the part number. Actually, the wiring diagram for the GS is very simple (CAN Bus eliminates a lot of spaghetti). It's only 10 sheets.

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Yes, it is a separate CD. Part # 06 73 7 703 031


BEFORE YOU ORDER. Thats the older wiring diagram CD, doesn't cover your 2007, newer one is


Part# 06 73 7 713 999


Retails for $69 I believe


May as well get the latest one if your going to order it from the dealer.

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