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Man, am I dumb or what !!??


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I had this wonderful ride tale planned, after todays trip, sprinkled with photos of green meadows, black and white cows and tons of old houses and windmills....


We took friends from Austria out today to see part of our Province, and visited a very special place. It is a collection of 'museums', made up of dozens of old houses and a fair number of 300 to 400 year old windmills, disassembled and rebuilt at that site.


One of the houses there includes the very first original shop of Albert Heyn, which now is a global food retailer !


I took the bike, leading Nina and our guest in the Jeep (it only seats 5). Weather was good, 21 C, clouds but no rain, and sunny spells for perfect photo conditions.


We ran into the commuter traffic jams even though we left at 10 a.m....... darn !!!

While trundling along at walking pace or less (I could lane-split but it is a bit awkward to do it with a Cherokee), I spotted this purple cow in a meadow!


No LEO's in sight, nobody around that I could hurt... so I pulled over onto the emergency lane, got my camera out and tried to make a photo of said animal. The camera focused but refused to trigger a few times. I thought it was because of my gloves perhaps. Then it said 'click' after all, and I was on my way again...... walking-pacing on the next 3 miles....


When stopped once again, I thought to make a photo of the Jeep behind me, via the TR's mirrors.

Now the camera would not 'click' at all anymore. I changed some settings, tried again, and again.... then looked at the little LCD screen.


NO CARD !!!!


How dumb is THAT !!!??? But wait.. it gets even better.....


So we do the museum visit, then ride to the North Sea coast, have lunch with a wonderful view on a very sharp horizon, then walk on the beach, do some more country travel and eventually arrive back home again.


I run up the stairs to my photo bag to get the chipcard out. I can find a couple, but NOT my latest super-duper 4 Gb CF card........


....... and a nasty feeling develops in my stomach!


I run back down again, grab my camera off the table, open the card hatch.......... and lo and behold..... the card is IN THERE AFTER ALL..... just not seated correctly !!!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrghghghg! I have a headache now and will go to bed.





The one picture I made came out well, but since I am re-installing Windows XP I can't upload it..... rain check ! tongue.gif

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Paul Mihalka

Well, I guess you have the picture of the purple cow! The rest you can go and visit again, close to home... Not like if you mess up in Bangladesh or something...

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Speaking of cows....


I saw this one in Napa Valley last year





I don't remember if it's titled Marilyn "Moo"roe or if its "A Street Cow Named Desire..." lmao.gif

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