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This is my first post, so i'll introduce myself:


My name is Ellie, 30yrs old, live, work and ride! in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I currently ride a R1200RT and a K1200R


My addiction to both bikes is totally uncurable and thanks to the weather over here i get to enjoy them year round. Although the two bikes are worlds apart, they compliment and balance each other perfectly.


I find the posts here helpful & insightful.

The forum has helped me choose many accessories for my RT, all of which have made my bike that little bit better... thumbsup.gif


So a big thanks to all the members out there and i'm proud to become a member of your forum.



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Welcome. Glad you have joined the member ranks!!! You have already found the great wealth of knowledge this place has to offer.


Since you are the new guy, PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!


I would love to hear about some ride tales from Israel also. What kind of roads, etc. do you have over there?

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Welcome to the site! Have you done much riding ourside of Israel? Also, what is the motorcycle community like in Israel? Clubs, dealers, etc. wave.gif

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I have been riding for a number of years, but unfortunately i don't ride outside the country much.


The roads here are fantastic - but the drivers are a bit, well, mad! Although its only a small country, we have breathtaking desert views down south and absolutely stunning green countryside up north. My girlfriend and I take regular trips - any excuse to get on the bike...


The BMW community is small, tiny even. There is only one dealer - but they are a fantastic group of people.


Give me a day or two and i'll post some pics smile.gif

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Although it's been too long, Israel has been a frequent destination for me. It's beautiful.


It's probably one of the few countries where you can go on a daytrip and touch all four borders.

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With my head hung looow blush.gif , i admit i have never done all the country in one day/ride. However, it is #1 on my list as soon as my 'day-long' saddle arrives.

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