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throttle body sinc


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Hi everyone,I'm new to the site.I bought a 1998 r1100rt a couple of monthes ago.It's a great bike,i love riding it.I had a quick throttle body sinc question.On my rt the right throttle body adjustment screw is exposed by a cut out in the fairing,no cut out on the left side.Does that mean i sinc my right throttle body to the left one and the left one is the non adjustable one or do i have to remove the fairings to expose the adjustments.Thanks John

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The cut out will only allow you to synch at an idle. To do a TBS, you need to remove both side panels to access the cable adjusters. This synchs the partial throttle settings. The vacuum nipples will also be much eaier to access without the fairing pieces in the way.


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That training video for BMW mechanics says that 5 mBar is the acceptable range for the difference between the two cylinders.


That's good to know.


FWIW, the TwinMax is about 20 to 25 mBar per division, at maximum sensitivity, so that means that a TwinMax user should try to get the needle to within +/- 1/5 division of zero.

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