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Time to Sell


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I have decided to sell my R1100RT. I am just not riding as much as I used to. Between work, activities with the family, projects around the house, social commitments, I am finding that I am riding less and less each season.


Can anyone recommend a good "motorcycle for sale" web site - something similiar to AutoTrader.com


Thanks in Advance

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1. You can post on the "Classifieds" on this board.


2. There is a site similar to Auto Trader called Cycle Trader - www.cycletrader.com


3. Also you can post it for sale on the IBMWR marketplace at -

www.ibmwr.org/market Post it under Oilhead Twins, Bikes for Sale


I am sure that others will chime in and add some other sites.


Good luck selling.

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Sorry to hear that you have to give this up - but family stuff will be fun - you don't want to miss out on that!! Plus - we'll still be here when you decide to come back! grin.gif

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Sold my last bike (Honda Shadow) on Ebay as a "no minimum" auction and figured it'd come close to Blue Book value. It ended up selling for quite a bit more. So I was happy with it -- but it's a gamble. Right time of the year and lots of pictures really helped me out. YMMV of course.

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I'm sure you know this but as a reminder. Check out the current bikes of your vintage and equipment.


If you price your bike much higher than others, you will get very few calls no matter how good a deal you think it is.

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I sold a K bike on this site's classified forum and have bought and sold lots of parts on the IBMWR web site.


Sorry to hear about the bike sale but maybe your lifestyle will change and find you on two wheels once again.


Good luck.

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Cycletrader is no good IMHO. I tried it to sell a bike, and I found the website was broken. Submitted an ad, it said to wait for it to appear, but it never appeared. So I emailed to inquire and I got no answer. I had to check repeatedly to see if my credit card was charged. A waste of time. Even if the website did work, your ad would be buried in a clutter of dealer ads.


Craigslist is worth a look.

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