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xena alarm


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i have an 04 1150rt.thinking about getting a xena alarm. what model? also how long does the battery pack last? i am assuming that they are still on when you have it off the disk? is this correct? thanks taters

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I have one. I like it. It has its limitations - if you put your hand over the speaker, the sound gets substantially muffled.


I can't tell what model I have. There is not one that looks like mine on the www.xenasecurity.com site, so the model might hav been discontinued. This link shows the models that fit your bike.


My first batteries lasted over a year. I think the main current draw is when the speaker is shreiking, so you have to be fast putting it on and taking it off. The more often you do this, the shorter the battery life.


There seems to be a photocell that determines if there is a disc in the slot. When the lock is in your trunk, if something slides into the slot, the alarm will go off. So, keep it in the case and you will preserve your battery.

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I have their XN14 for my r1200st and it works well (though it's slightly bigger than I would have purchased knowing what I know now). I don't know that it's really THAT great of an alarm, but it does work (it's just not very loud - it would have to be right next to my motel door for me to hear it inside.) But it does its job and the alarm makes sure that I don't forget to take it off before riding away.


I also don't know exactly how long the batteries will last, but the above sounds right. I only use mine in sketchy areas.

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I bought the XN15 this spring. Nice substantial looking stainless lock, but have only used it (so far) about 6 times. Good solid construction with a big bolt.


As the others have said, the alarm is not too loud, but what do you expect from a battery powered unit... Although, if you are down there trying to unlock it, and you bump it before you can get the key in....yeoww! Seems pretty loud then. eek.gif


Yea, I know, it won't stop somebody from stealing the whole bike, yada yada. And the audible alarm could be disabled... I just want to convince people it's probably not worth the hassle of futzin' around with the bike. I’m more concerned with people sitting on it and adjusting, aligning and breaking things than stealing the whole bike.

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Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I have a Xena alarm (forget which model) and it goes off when it rains. Enough that I really don't use it any more. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm tempted to take the batteries out and just use it as a visual/physical deterrent. Of couse this means that the first time I do this I will forget to remove it. dopeslap.gif



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