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clutch switch removal?


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The clutch switch button on my 97 rt has stuck in. I have not been to the dealer to pick up a new one so I don't know how they come out of the lever bracket and where it plugs in. Has anyone had to replace theirs yet. BTW, I also broke the side stand foot gizmo, when I started riding 30+ years ago, they were called kick stands! Now if you push too hard they break! Ahh.



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You'll need to open the clutch lever bracket, the switch is located inside. Then, once it's removed, trace the long wire that comes out and unplug. Replacement is the reverse of removal. thumbsup.gif As per the kickstand, remember this is German engineering, not American Iron.

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It's called a side stand because it's on the side, center stands are in the center. Besides do you really kick it down? Do you kick it up?


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Originally on old, old motorcycles any stand that that lifted the bike up enough so that the drive wheel was off the ground so it could be started by a "kicking" the starter lever with your leg was called a kick stand regardless of its location.

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