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Concours 14 for enforcement riding?


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I was working a special enforcement detail tonight on my work bike and ran into a guy showing off his new Concours 14 at a local hang out. Chatted with him a while and ran into him later in the night again as our detail was wrapping up. He ended up letting me take his new toy for a spin through the parking lot. I was mostly interested in getting a quick impression of its slow speed abilities, as I'm sure its wonderful on the street. I was disappointed with its turning radius. It turned like a sport bike at slow speeds... the RT really has it beat in slow speed maneuvers.


I was definately impressed with the huge power the bike had. I never got out of 1st in the parking lot, but still had enough room to do a couple of 0-40 runs. It pulled hard right from the start. Too much fun.


The owner had over 2500 miles on it and had taken at least one long ride up to Oregon and back. His only complaints were seat comfort and serious engine heat cooking his legs in slow traffic.


The Kawi dealer tells us they'll have the police package available late in 2008, but the serious leg cooking and poor turning radius sound like big draw backs for enforcement use.

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I was suppose to go get the Buel Uylesses today, but it is raining. I believe that Buel is attempting to get in the police market. This Buel has lights and siren. We are suppose to T/E it. So I guess the market for police maybe heading towards the sporttouring motorcycle?? grin.gifthumbsup.gif

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I always thought the old Connie would make a great police bike. Never could figure out why Kawasaki kept selling the horribly outdated KZ1000P. The police motorcycle market is pretty small and it's been my experience that vendors sell them at a loss and below cost to secure contracts. Vendors recover the police sales losses through the service department and higher priced retail sales. With Honda, BMW, Harley in the market and all the custom brackets, light mounts, various custom paint schemes and past history I would guess Kawasaki will not push the new Connie into the police market. There's not enough of the pie to go around.

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They use the FJR in other countries... why not.


Personally if I had the choice, I'd take the K12GT. Nearly as much power, more comfortable, cruise control, better mileage, bigger fuel tank, traction control and I think it's at least 30 lb's lighter... but it does have a larger price tag...


and you can use the same mecahnics that are already servicing your RTP's clap.gif


The broader bottom end that 1400cc provides might still be preferred. But I'm not a police officer. So I'll leave that to the experts.


I wish we had more motor officers in all states. Among the obvious advantages, I think it would help increase the overall visibility of motorcycles.

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I think it would help increase the overall visibility of motorcycles.


I thought motorcycles were invisible?!


BTW, I think the Ulysses would be a great enforcement bike for city use as long as engine heat is managable.

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