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New Route Today!


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Well we set out on a ride this morning with no particular plans or destination. Didn’t take the camera because I have been riding without the tank bag. I’m going to have to contradict myself from just a few posts ago… without that tank bag the RT does have adequate airflow. I stopped using it because I noticed my riding jacket was fraying where my pot belly put the jacket up against the tank bag, but found the bike to much more comfortable without it. Will need to get a pocket camera.


Anyway, although there are no pics, this ride might be of interest to some, especially local riders who may have wondered about some of these roads, since we tried a new to us route.


Link to map of route


We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon (UT-190) over Guardsman Pass, across the dirt to UT-224 and down into Midway. The dirt portion of Guardsman Pass (east side of pass) is about 3 miles in length, and in excellent condition. There is now some slight washboard, but all the loose material that was there last time we went over has packed down and the surface just had a bit of gravel here and there.


We had never been on UT-224. It turned out to be a nice six mile ride on dirt through the aspens down into Midway. Sometimes steep, more washboard, some deeper gravel, but no real challenges.


After a brief detour into Heber to check a map and get a drink, from Midway we took Cascade Springs Rd up into Wasatch Mountain State Park.. Another road we had not been on. The dirt biker’s eyes popped out of their heads when they saw us in their domain. This is a road I think most riders could ride, but you won’t find us on it on RT’s again. Steep, deep gravel in places, heavy washboard in places, rocky and rough in places, blind corners, tight switchbacks, the road winds 4 miles up to a pass, and then heads back down to the Wasatch Front (where we all live on the west of the mountains). Shortly after the road crosses the pass, it returns to asphalt. You can access the asphalted section of the road from UT-92 (Alpine Loop), and it is worth a round trip up the seven miles to Cascade Springs (Cascade Scenic Drive). The paved section is twisty, fast and has views. Just turn around when you run out of asphalt!


Well that put us on UT-92, the Alpine Loop, and we drove down the tight, twisty, intimate road and out into the valley at Alpine. We’ve reported on that ride before, so no details, other than we were followed by what appeared to be an oilhead RT for a while.


Still not satisfied with our taste for new, we took a turn labeled “Draper” off of UT-92 onto “Highland Dr” and crossed over the “Point of the Mountain” through Suncrest, down into Draper, and home. Well, we had not realized how much that area had grown up. Nor had we realized that a nice biking road had developed under our noses. We had a nice relaxing ride up over the “point” twisting our way through new subdivision after new subdivision. The road is semi-isolated from the housing, so, you can move through there… as I said we were relaxing…. at 20 mph over the limit when a pack of cruisers out for the afternoon passed us. Great views from up there.


I had thought they had stopped building in that area when the first houses up there proved to be unstable (the point is a several hundred, maybe 1000+, foot deep unconsolidated gravel and sand deposit from the ancient Lake Bonneville, that divides the Salt Lake and Utah valleys (Utah Valley is where bakerzdosen lives in Provo). I think the lawsuits are still raging. Anyway, wrong about that ending development up there. Homes from $200,000 to what looked like several million all over that thing. At least it’s above the inversion layer in the winter.


Anyway, interesting ride!

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The dirt road sounds 'interesting' for an RT. Nina and I found ourself on deep gravel on a dike with reconstruction work last year. Needs a fine touch in balancing, especially two-up. I need another bike ! grin.gif


I can't help asking...... what are the purple scones in your avatar ?????? blush.gif

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The limitations of 120 by 120 pixels! It's a bowl of Cabernet Sauvignon from our yard. I guess I better change it to something more recognizable at that size.

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What "Twisted" fails to admit is that he is on a quest. A quest to put me in a situation where I drop my bike, and we are "even." He won't admit it, but I know this to be the case (even without aluminum foil, psychic abilities, etc.).


I think we need some dual sports. ABS totally sucked on the gravel and washboard eek.gifeek.gifeek.gif


Aside from this, the ride was beautiful and "Twisted" did not succeed in his quest. grin.gif

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