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Great day!


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Started this morning with a 25 mile ride on my R1150RT very nice back roads. Then took the BSA to the Owl's Head Transportation Museum's Vintage bike meet. A really great event. Hundreds of very cool bikes inside the grounds on display and many more newer bikes in the parking lot to peruse.

I was very pleased to receive many favorable comments on the BSA.

I then bought at auction a ride on a WWII A6 Harvard trainer. Barrel rolls and loops and I even managed to keep my lunch down. Unbelievable ride.

Then I had ride in a '30s vintage Stearman biplane. Very sedate after the aerobatics on the Harvard.

Then a nice ride home on the BSA. All of 7 miles.

Then a 50 mile cruise on the RT through some really sweet twisty roads.

Does life get any better???

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