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Windshield quit working


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Road my bike today and during the ride the windshield quit working. Has anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions?

I have an '07RT with 18k miles.


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Happened to my '06 right after a software update to fix the oil warning problem. Luckily, the service tech discovered it and was able to fix it.

So it sounds like you may need to visit your dealer. Let us know what the solution was.

Good luck,


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I had an issue with the switch where it would hang when it was warm outside. It was like a sticky switch, they knew about the issue and greased it as they loosened it up somehow as well. Now it works fine.



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The dealer visit is scheduled for Friday, but as suddenly as the thing quit working, it has decided to work again. I can see the diagnosis now: Cannot duplicate! frown.gif

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