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Shift lever adjsmnt


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Adjusting the Gearshift Lever

Undo the plastic cover above and to the left of the gear selector for access for the rest of the job. This looks to be the starter motor cover. There is only one bolt to undo on the right and there are plastic lugs on the left hand side so once the bolt is out slide the cover to the right to disconnect the lugs then manouvre out.

The gear linkage consists of a threaded bar connecting the gear selector shaft to that of the gearbox. There are locknuts top and bottom. Undo both locknuts and move one up and the other down until they meet. Now lock them together. This operation will probably require a bit of WD40 to ease.

Now using a spanner on the locked nuts turn the whole threaded bar anti-clockwise so it winds upwards. Eventually it will wind off the bottom lug and the gear selector will drop.

Now the adjustment is done, so either wind more of the bar into top lug to raise the position of the selector or wind the bar out of the top lug if you want to drop the selector.

Now raise the selector and wind the bar back onto the bottom lug. Make sure there are enough threads in the bottom lug to secure. At this point you should check the position of the selector by sitting on the bike with your normal biking boots on. Also check that the selector does not foul the sidestand movement.

If the correct position is found, wind the locknuts back up to each lug and lock, then replace the starter motor cover making sure not to pinch any of the drain lines that run down the back of the cover.

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Yes it is. You'll need to remove the left side tupperware and foot peg mounting assembly. You'll also need a "female" torx socket to remove the linkage but the adjustment is pretty straight forward by changing the length of the spanner.

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FWIW--It's possible to do this without having to remove anything. I looked all over creation for an E8 size Torx socket, and finally found one at my local NAPA auto parts store for a 1/4" drive. I used the socket on a 6" extension to loosen the Torx bolt on the shift lever from below. Once you have loosened the bolt, you can wiggle the shift pedal while pushing the shifting shaft inward enough that you can rotate the pedal free of the splines. Once you've found the right elevation just push the shaft back into the pedal and tighten the bolt.

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