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'07 R12RT Left handlebar control cluster relocate


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I'm a new RT owner and new to BMW and haven't gotten my service manual yet. I hope someone can help me out here. I'm trying to move the left side switchgear in about 10mm to make room for a Push To Talk thumb button that fits between the grip and switch housing. It appears that the exterior screws on the housing simply remove covers, and I have yet to figure out how to do that with out breaking something. My bike has the ASC module on it, so I'm dealing with how to get inside that housing as it looks like it's cover should just pop off and the base of it is apparently fastened to the main housing with a screw from the inside.


I can take the set screws out of the grip and move it outboard to make room but then the grip is not anchored to the bar any longer. I'm hoping that the location of the entire switch gear is adjustable.


Any suggestions?





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Six screws total to get inside the cluster. At least one, possibly three are associated with the ASC switch housing. The one that was almost impossible to see was a tiny screw on the back corner of the ASC housing, hidden by the wiring bundle. The other two are on the bottom and in plain sight, but I'm not sure if they are exclusive to the addition of the additional switch housing.

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