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High beam adjustment


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Whilst Ken is quite right that there is no independent adjustment, it occurs to me that you may be suffering the problem I had, namely that to get the high beam right you end up with the low beam a little too high, annoying other road users especially if you have HID's.


The solution I used was to wrap a bit of copper wire (out of a solid core 240-volt mains cable (known over here in the UK as a 2.5mm twin plus earth but no that is not the diameter of the wire core) around the lug of the H7 bulb in the low beam(s). This tips the bulb up very slightly in the reflector, just enough to lower the beam without losing the focus needed to get an effective light.


In fact I only needed to do one low beam because the other was already set slightly lower than the other.


If your concern is the reverse of mine, that is that the high beam is too high for your low beam adjustment then try doing it on the high beam bulb................

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