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Fuel gauge


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I'm trying to find out if my fuel gauge is properly calibrated. If I remember correctly, the fuel tank is "full" when gas is up to the bottom hole under the gas cap. How far up does the vertical line go on the fuel gauge when tank is full.



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With a full tank the fuel level indicator goes all the way up to the bottom of the little gas pump icon with a slight gap in between the two. And you don't need to be anal at evry fill up to fill 'er up to bottom of the rubber dohickey, nor does the bike need to be on the centerstand.

Low fuel warning light comes on with approx 1 gal. left in the tank (key word here is approx.)

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Thanks for the response. It's just as I suspected, not right. When "full", the line goes to the 3/4 mark. I've got just under 500 miles on the RT so far. The weather has sucked the past few weeks.

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As long as the tank is full, it;s full. Even when correct, It'll drop towards the 3/4 mark in 50 miles or so.

I'd be more concerned about the other end, accurate readings towards empty.

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