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New Avon Storms vs BT020's


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Well with bakerzdosen's help, guidance and advice (if that is redundant, it is because of the amount of guidance and advice!) we mounted my new Avom Storms on the RT today. I promised Matt some feedback on the new shoes. I previously compared the BT020's to the Z6's... Linky



We mounted the tires at Matt's but did not balance them. The first impression on moving out on the Storms is "smooth". These tires ride smooth, soft and quiet compared to the BT020's. I was concerned that the smooth would translate into poor handling. At parking lot speed and in town they seemed to corner just like the BT020s. Very similar feel. But we rode home on 30 miles of slab, so no opportunity to really test them out. I did notice a distinct vibration as freeway speed.


At home we pulled the wheels and balanced them with a Mark Parnes balancer... easy and fast. Got out for a short canyon run before dark. A bit of freeway too. Tires were dead smooth, and less vibration than my Maxima. Dead quiet too. All you can hear is bike, almost no road noise at all. In the canyon I quickly realized that the tires are stickier than the BT020's too. Cornering feel is virtually identical. The tires might be a hair quicker into the turns, but hard to say.


All in all great choice, thank you Matt for talking me into them!


8mm starting tread depth rear, 5mm starting tread depth front. Running bike naked at 34.5 psi front and 38.5 psi rear. BMW recommended is 32 frt, 36 rear for naked one-up riding.

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Good, I'm glad to hear you like them. That is interesting that the balancing made that big of a difference. So, it'll be interesting to see how the mileage is on them. Are you going to try those for Sharon's bike too?

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I'll put her on my bike today and see what she thinks of them. She liked the Bridgestones, so I think she'll like these, but we'll see. She said I was going really fast on them last night in the canyon, but it didn't seem like it to me, although I'll admit that they are probably well scuffed in now. thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifclap.gifclap.giflmao.giflmao.gif


Are my observations on the Storms similar to yours?

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I didn't notice much of a difference with the Storms, but I was coming from Road Attacks (which I really liked). However, the tires do feel a bit stickier to me and tend to inspire a bit more confidence cornering than the Road Attacks did, but not THAT much - if memory serves.


The problem is that any new tire will probably feel better to Sharon than her tires at 6k.


Regardless, I've like the Storms so far, but it's only been 1k miles. We'll see how Torrey treats them next month.

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