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Nina's view again......


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Nina was snapping pictures from the pillion seat again that day and I thought I would show these too. They show some of the roads we traveled, where mine are always made after STOPPING !


Here's the start of the trip, Eelke and Sasja leading the way through Bolzano. We had to pass that city each day to get to the Dolomites to the east.




Taking the route 241 into the Eggental (Eggen Valley) we passed these interesting canyons....




The steel netting against the rock face is to prevent stuff falling onto the road. One of the things to be aware of in the morning are (sometimes rather large) rocks fallen onto the road.

Especially after (heavy) rainfall this is a real hazard, but stones and other debris are also kicked loose by deer and other animals....








We are approaching the town of Welschnofen now... the valley widens.....




Photo stop. It is one thing for Nina to snap from the back.... for us 'pilots' it is a little more complicated, especially when stopping on a sloping road ;-)





The forest, just before reaching the Karer Lake.....




Nina had some trouble staying upright I guess.... I liked the picture though, so decided to keep it




The photographer snapped..... in motion !




Another slanted shot..... life of a pillion ain't easy !! You guessed, this is the town of Pozza di Fassa coming up !




And no, Nina did NOT have anything to drink yet...... Notice all town names are in two languages here.... people just can't make up their minds :-)




Some really nice places along the road.....




And some nice roads too.....




A very fitting last shot of our Dolomite series !!




Next was the trip south to Umbria !

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Nice Photos, Nina...


Francois, it's quite common to see the steel netting on mountainsides here in Colorado as well. Having dodged a few 'boulders' in the road, while the netting doesn't appeal to folks it serves a very safe purpose.


Sure you can't make it a bit further northwest on your trip?


Mike O

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I am getting as far northwest as Vancouver...... but have to skip a major part (like most of the US !) in between I'm afraid smirk.gif

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Your going to miss the best part (albeit there's some very beautiful country to be seen in Fla!) But I envy you, none-the-less.


Mike O

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