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I am trying to wire up my PIAAS on the front of my RT1200. The power and the ground are being supplied by the Centec fuse box. The PIAA switch has three wires red,white,black. The lights on the wire harness, has two wired waiting for the switch ? a white and black, so what do I connect to it? Does it matter where I put the power -white wire on the centec, ?

thanks to all who know much more than me.


dave albany ny

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Does the switch have an LED light which indicates the "ON" position? If so, the wires coming from the switch are most likely for:


Supply (12v supply)

Load (back to lights or relay controlling lights)

Ground (allows the LED indicator to light up when switch is in the "ON" position)


You could use a continuity tester to determine which two wires are supply and load and the remaining should be ground.


This is how the Hella fog lights I installed on my RT are setup; however with the Hella kit, the switch has a quick-release connector so there's no question about how to hook it up.

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I see a couple of scenarios here.


1. The switch is the primary power source, in which case I would wire the red to the +12V source, the white to the lights and the black to ground.


2. The switch is part of the harness with separate, heavier supply and neutral wires. In that case, I would wire a switched (by the bike) +12v to red and white and the black to ground. The white is likely a power source for an indicator bulb within the switch with the black supplying the ground for the internal light.


A hint as to which would be a relay somewhere in the wiring harness. If there is a relay, I would think #2 would apply.

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