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Brake Warning... Solved!

Yeeha! Stephen

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Yeeha! Stephen

For all you Gear Head service Guru's, here's an FYI for future reference.


I've been getting an intermittent Brake Warning Light on my Dash. Great! Right when I'm about to leave on a big trip to the URally! eek.gif


When I first got the light, I tried to think it through and check everything. Put the bike in the garage and hooked it to the charger, and the next time I hit the key, the light went out. Next time I rode the bike I got another Warning Light, only this time when I got stuck at the traffic light rolling home, the light went out when I hit neutral and ran some RPM up on the motor. I thought from that, I might have a weak battery and was getting ABS Warnings. Not so, Battery was still up and ABS was working fine.


Got lead on a wrong track when I checked the Tail and Brake light bulbs. It was hot in the garage and I had a Box Fan set up to try and make life bearable out there. I saw the Tail Light lickering in the reflection of my car bumper and assumed that the spinning Box Fan blades were the cause of the illusion. Wrong. The Tail Light bulb was going bad and IT was actually flickering and causing the Warning Light.


Low RPM's on the motor were making the light vibrate just enough to make it flicker. When the bike was stopped and on the charger... no flicker and no Warning Light. When I ran the motor up at the stop light, the higher RPM vibrations stopped the flicker and cancelled the warning light.


I found the problem by accident. Removing stuff from my Tail Section while the key was on, made the light flicker and gave me a Warning Light even though the bike was on the charger. AH HA!!!! Pulled the Tail Light Bulb and found the glass part was loose in the Metal Case, and wiggling the glass made the light flicker and set off the Warning Light.


Whew! I replaced the Tail Light bulb tonight and everything is A-OK again!


So, it may never happen to anyone else ever again, but might be worth checking if you have a Brake Warning Light problem on a bike equipped with the kind of ABS the 1150 RT's have.



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Nice work......I love it when things happen like that. Kinda gives you hope that sometimes a problem really is something that easy thumbsup.gif


See ya at the UN

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