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Drive line oil??


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Did a driveline change recently. Parts person gave me the red stuff for my 1100 RT. Put it in and thought to myself, didn't I see some thing about older RT's using the clear/yellowy stuff and the newer bikes using the red stuff?

My buddies rear end on the 1100 let it's red juice go on the wheel in Paonia. Needed a uhaul to get home.

I'm thinking about getting the Yellow stuff to change again to be safe...any experience out there?

Thanks. wave.gif

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There have been a lot of posts on FD oil. The spec calls for 90W GL5. I believe that the "red stuff" is 75W-140W. There is some speculation that the thicker weight oil may contribute to foaming and cause some of the oil to come out of the black breather cap on top of the FD. There are others who use the even heavier Red Line Shock Proof with no problems. If the "red stuff" isn't coming out the breather cap you are probably good to go. I personally use 75W/90 synthetic in the FD. The most important thing is to not overfill the FD. The fluid level is to the where the bottom of the threads of the fill plug start, not the top of the fill plug hole.

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