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1100 Hand Guards


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I'd like to put some hand guards on the RTP to keep my delicate hand more comfortable. HAs any one done that before. The search I made here was fruitless.

I had put some 1150 GS hand guards on my Kawasaki fit like it was made for it. I liked the effect they made. Less heat in the summer, less rain in the winter.

Maybe Kawy makes a part that will fit the Beemer....Nah!Thanks, dopeslap.gif

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I'm sorry, but I have to do this:


You live here in SoCal. What the hell do you need hand guards for?? grin.gif


Oh, and I have a set if you want em. I took them off my bike and I think they're the same. I bought it from a guy who liveed in NorCal where it got really cold.

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You smarty headed man who never leaves san diego. Some of us go away physically not just mentally and our handses get nippy or hot depending on the temperature of the water we are dipping in.

I know it sounds strange, a big RT with fairing like a barn door. Butt, I won't have to change gloves just because of a minor down pour. I can ride on irreguardless or because of it!

I hate wet gloves. Even more than wet socks.

I'll PM you. Thanks lmao.gif

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I bought it from a guy who liveed in NorCal where it got really cold.

Not to quibble, but I have lived in NorCal, grew up in Alaska and now live in Colorado. NorCal is only "really cold" relatively.

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