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Beartooth Rendevous


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Just got back from Montana and the Beartooth. Wunnerful roads. Kinda fun to zip on things where looking at the scenery can get you killed. Too bad the multiple fires obscured the land so much. Must be pretty on a clear day. The sign at the top of the Montana side, posted 70, is a hoot. The next corner falls away to forever!

Oh, no pictures, I ride and sight see. Besides my camera is doodoo and I have no talent.

'Twas very nice to get through Jellowstone with minimal traffic.

I had picked up a nail in the rear tire somewhere back down the road. We had gone through construction going from Solitude to Park city and other places along the way. So we had a tech session and used a Plug and Go. Held air. So we left on Sunday morn and toottled down to Pocatello. Got 17 miles west of Pocatello when the plug failed. Tried using a different plug but did not look promising. The valve stem was rotating in the rim when I was applying the CO2 canister.

Used the RV rescue card from Allstate, 1st time in 9 years. The guy came with a trailer and got me back to a Motel 6 in Pocatello. Called around Monday morn. Nobody had a rear tire to fit the R1100. So I calls to Cycle Rider in So cal and my most wunderful tiremiester, John, get an 021 drop shipped to me at the motel Tueday morn before 10.

I had called Pocatello Powersports on Moday to ask about a mount and balance. Jason said , "sure, call me when you get the tire". I did and he sent out a fine youg fellow, whose name I did not get...oldshiemmers...and he took me to the shop fixed the tire and returned me to my motel. I did tip him for the deed! Poca Power Sport charged only $26.16 for a new valve stem and mount and balance. Quite reasonable I thought.

So I am so outta here at about 11 am Idaho time headed down interstate 15.

Since I don't have a travel lap top like some of you, Do this web site have an anonomous list like the BMWMOA?

might be a handy thing. I know I'd be happy to help a stranded schmuck like myself.

I guess I'll have to see Glacier Park some other time.

One thing I realized about this trip also is that I cannot take the heat of the day as well as I used to. I did soak down at Cedar city and played evaporative cooler to St. George. Zowie can you get cold in a Darien. Did the same for the run through the Virgin river Gorge to Mesquite NV.

I'm thinking of offering a land grap to anyone dumb enough to take the hot areas of the 'Merican South West. Say for a fully farkeled 800ST. All they would have to do is remove the offending areas. Vegas especially! Then Los Angeles would abut Colorado and Oregon.

Mind you the mountain areas of the infected states could be retained with out the heat factor.

I still have to settle up with my tire guy. But 2 nights in a Motel 6, Tire and shipping are going to make this a very expensive nail! dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif

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But 2 nights in a Motel 6, Tire and shipping are going to make this a very expensive nail!
Won't Allstate pay for the Motel 6 as part of their trip interruption benefit?
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When I first called the rep says they only tow to a gas station. The rig driver, a nice Harey-ite towed me to the motel gratis. Good guy. I gotta call the service number and get a bunch of clarification on what I spend $100 a year for. I was under the impression it was more beneficial than what the service rep was alluding to.


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