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Top Case Lockset removal


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Hi Gents:


I bought a used topcase from one of our esteemed members along with a new lockset from Bob's.


Any advice on removing the old lockset and installing the new?


If anyone has the directions in paper form and would fax me a copy debt, I'll be in your debt!


fax 305-295-8002


Help! Help! Help!



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Hi Paul,


While there's absolutely no doubt this site rocks, rolls and rules, I suggest getting on ibmwr.org and looking in their "tech" files under "other". There you'll find a verbal description as well as a link to photos depicting the process.




oh yes, I dispute the first step in the 'other' file yet agree completely with its link. That is, I don't think you "turn large nut counter clockwise" to remove locking cylinder; rather, it's just inserting small rod (straightened paper clip works) in tiny hole near key's slot while inserting/turning key and then pulling out key w/locking cylinder. Careful now, if you then remove key from cylinder (cylinder out of case) all the flat locking pieces are likely to shoot out in several directions !

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Thanks much Jonathan.


I just knew a description would be someplace to be found but after many searches came up empty.


Thanks again!



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You all are braver than I. I had the dealer do it for me.... I once saw all the little pieces flying around and it scared me.


Mike crazy.gif

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Thanks to all who posted and pm'd me. I was making that job way more complicated than I needed to. In fact, after the wonderful advice, I had the job done and the case on the RT in under 10 minutes.




Got that merit badge.



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