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Morphing an RS to an RSL


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So, I had long planned to change my R1150RS to a RSL. Now I'm doing it because I broke the tupperware when we crashed. The paint shop should have the full side fairings done "any day". I am fairly certain that I have all the brackets and the connectors. In my admittedly limited attempts to figure out how to swap the side fairings, I can't yet figure out where to attach the rear bracket. confused.gif I assume it attaches to the engine somewhere. Can someone with a 1150RSL or 1150RSL lead me in the right direction? Please?

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Check your PM's!


FYI for anyone else doing this:


1. The upper brackets attach to the front of the engine, behind the headers and require longer screws with special steel tube spacers to hold the bracket off of the curved face of the engine block. The plastic connector piece is the only fairing to attach to this. This is the troublesome part that gets charred if the bike is left sitting while running. I had my headers ceramic coated (Performance Coatings, in Auburn, WA) to help lessen the heat in this area.


2. The lower bracket took me a couple of beers to figure out. There is no reference for this attachment in any of the manuals, parts fiche, etc. It gets attached at the bottom two tranny bolts (into the engine). The "strap" that in there behind the bolts, that retains the O2 sensor wiring remains. The "legs" on each side face forward and the smaller steel "plates" with the rubber grommets screw to these legs. The bottom of the full RSL fairing has a molded in mushroom piece that just pushes through the grommet. That is all!


Hope this helps!

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