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WSB will be at Miller Speedwy in Utah next year right after Torrey!


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OK- no promises... yet... but maybe, sorta, possibly... the NorUtah gang could host a "get together" bash... or maybe recommend a spot, or something.


Lets see what can be developed.


NorUtes... have any ideas?

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very interesting.... I believe that torrey AND the WSB event falls on a school break for me....



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Miller is a great facility. In fact, the facility itself is significantly nicer than Barber. The track is in excellent condition, too, though it's not as interesting as Barber. Still, I really enjoyed the few days I've been on it.

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Thanks Beav...Now I have to take the whole week off... thumbsup.gif


I think it'd be two weeks. Spring Torrey is usually the weekend before Memorial Day weekend, which falls on May 26 in 2008, according to my calendar. That'd make Torrey May 16-18. Am I mistaken?

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