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Buying a used R1200RT...Questions


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I'm looking at an 05 R1200RT with 27,000 miles on it.


Is this a lot of miles for a BMW? Or just a drop in the bucket?


The bike has ESA....How long do shocks last before replacement is needed?


I know a lot depends on the type of miles but there must be a general sense regarding wear & tear for these bikes.


I know shocks can be expensive to replace.



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27K is not a lot of miles for BMWs. Many riders on the board have well over 100K miles. Typically shocks need to be replaced around 25K to 35K miles.


So far there are no major design issues realted to the R1200RTs. There are some that have to have the rear engine seal replaced as it leaks oil. Do a search on this board for more info. If there are no signs of a oil leak on the bottom of the engine where it connects to the Tranmission, then this bike is probably OK. Good luck.

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27K is just getting going.

I currently have 29K on my ESA shocks. I will have about 40K by the end of this riding season and will replace at that time. Shocks are still about as good as they have always been. I will NOT be replacing with the same thing. I will go aftermarket premium shocks. Possibly the Works ESA compatible system.

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