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A personal milestone


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Well, she's 16yrs old, mine for the last 2.5 yrs. So far I've gone thorugh a drive shaft, clutch, a set of disks, several pads and lots of tires. She's taken me to 4 countries, to work each day and on many mini-breaks.


Yesterday she turned...




Nothing to a BMW, another testimony to reliability (watch it go wrong now...)


She may be a bit rough to look at, but at the end of the day she keeps doing what she was designed for. And I love her!




Just thought I'd share...

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A way cool tale, I do wish my computer opened the pictures as i kinda like to see what mine will look like in 16 years, he//, mine looks rough after 3 years and 95,000 miles

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I know I need to ride more.


A guy on another message board crossed 100,000 miles on a '04 Honda CBR600F4i. 25k per year on a sportbike, talk about a real iron butt. He had the stock seat. I guess they don't expect high miles on sportbikes, because the odometer rolled over having only 5 digits.


He recently did a valve check and the top end still looks great. No mechanical problems and I think the clutch was original. Althouhg it's a 30 minute job on a sportbike. He probably went through 3 or 4 chain and sprocket sets, and a dozen sets of tires.


It's amazing how well all these manufacturers are putting the motors together these days. It shows how far metallurgy, CNC machining and piston ring technology has come.

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I find the juxtaposition of 100,000 miles on the odo, and 62.2 miles on the trip meter, interesting. Especially since you're in the UK. Isn't 62.2 miles exactly 100 kilometers? If so, was this by accident? The coincidences are almost too great!

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There are no accidents, or coincidences.


Just clever riders on BMW's. grin.gifthumbsup.gif


Congratulations. clap.gif

We've got one here that is over 300,000 and going strong.

Let's see, in 32 more years... grin.gif

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Congratulations on all those safe miles!


I love those old mechanical odometers. I don't like the new LCD ones that can only be read when the bike is powered up.



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Ya know you've accomplished something I've only dreamt about. I've owned 4 new BMWs but never kept them long enough to hit the magic 100K mark. I did 86k on my first BMW, a 1985 K100, in 15 yrs., 12k on a 1999 R1200C in one yr., 68k on a 2001 K1200LTC in 4 yrs. and 41k on my present 2005 R1200RT in 28 months. I would have made it on my K100 but I ran into a bad BMW dealer in Atlanta that destroyed my bike (weaping softly). Way to go in reaching that magic 100k mark. Take another pic at 200k for us.

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