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Everything but the bike...


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Well, I have everything in place to go and get a new GS except for a final negotiated price and picking the thing up.


I have already test ridden the bike, and am happy with it.


My wife AND my best riding buddy are absolutely INSISTENT that I go and get it. They keep telling me I deserve a new bike.


I have the money (little more than I would like to pay for a bike, but it's not a problem) I have about half down and will finance the other half short term.


The cheaper options are not what I want.


I just need to get off my butt, go and make a final price, and ride the dang thing home.

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My philosophy:

"He who cares least wins most". If you don't care about getting the bike and don't want to pay the cash...forgedaboudit.


On the other hand...WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! You only live once thumbsup.gif

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Ummm... anytime your wife wants says you can buy anything that's motorcycle related... especially a new motorcycle... you go buy it. There's no decision making required. Just go get it... NOW!


My wife liked the 12RT after we test rode it... so I bought it.

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My wife stated that I needed a new bike after putting on 40K in 3 years on a Suzie.

I told her I would look around. She informed me to make sure to Look at the new K1200GT. I owned on about a week later... Do not wait on these things..



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Just get the thing! Don't delay. Run it in well and join us at El Paseo. You're in an el primo location for enjoying that bike. BTW....push the issue about getting a spare and durable key for the bike. The plastic POS that BMW now supplies as a "spare" is serious crap.

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I raised my son on one absolute premise: In this life there are some questions, proposals, etc., that have only one answer.


Q. Did you lose a wallet.

A. Yes.?


Q. Did you find a wallet?

A. No.


Q. Do you think it's time to buy a new motorcycle?

A. Yes.


You can't go wrong with this philosophy, unless, I suppose someone asks, "Did you have sex with that woman?"


In that case, conventional wisdom seems to be to answer a question with a question. But you are on your own.

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